RON LA HECHICERA S.A.S. (hereinafter LA HECHICERA) has among its objectives to protect the processing of Personal Data provided by its USERS and for the purposes of this privacy notice and the processing of the Personal Data of its clients it will act as Responsible for the Processing of Personal Data.

The Personal Data that LA HECHICERA obtains from the USERS is used for the purpose of:

  1. To store, organize, classify and catalog the personal data entered by THE USER within the systems, files and databases of LA HECHICERA.
  2. To manage procedures (requests, applications, complaints, claims), carry out risk analysis, satisfaction surveys regarding the company’s services, as well as its business partners.
  3. To validate that you are of legal age and can access the website.
  4. To develop activities of technical support, maintenance, development, improvement, and surveillance of the USER’s account on the website of LA HECHICERA.
  5. Send information such as news, sales, newsletters, and advertising about LA HECHICERA or its allies with whom it has a signed contract, through text messages, emails, offers published on the platform and push notifications.
  6. Develop studies of the behavior of the USER in relation to their activity on the website of LA HECHICERA, and based on this make commercial offers, improvements, and changes to the website.
  7. Provide contact information and relevant documents to the commercial force and/or distribution network, telemarketing, market research and any third party with which the company has a contractual relationship of any kind.
  8. Disclose, transfer and/or transmit the personal data of the holders inside and outside the country, to third parties because of a contract, law or legal link that requires it, for the presentation of the respective services or under commercial agreements or alliances.
  9. Carry out studies of the behavior of the USER regarding the offers and activity on the website of LA HECHICERA and, based on this, present reports and statistical analyzes for both LA HECHICERA and its allies with whom it has a signed contract.
  10. Submit reports to the inspection, surveillance and control authorities.
  11. Control and prevent fraud in any of its modalities.

Users, as Owners of the personal data, will have the rights to know, update, rectify, request proof of consent, know the use they have authorized, revoke the authorization and request its deletion.

Through this Privacy Notice, LA HECHICERA informs users that  once their Personal Data is collected, they will be treated in accordance with LA HECHICERA’S Privacy Policy, which is available at the following link

In the event that the owner needs to make a request, inquire, complaint or claim related to the processing of personal information,  it can be done through the mechanisms and procedures described in the manual of internal processing policies through any of the following means:

CIUDAD DIRECCIÓN Correo Electrónico
Bogotá D.C. Calle 93A No. 14 – 17, Oficina 604 de Bogotá D.C.