Gold Fashioned

Europeans believed that somewhere in the new world there was a place of immense wealth known as El Dorado. Legend has it that when a new Muisca chieftain rose to power, his rule began with a ceremony at lake Guatavita, deep in the Andes mountain range of Colombia. The new ruler was called “The Golden One” as he was covered in gold dust and submerged in lake Guatavita to appease the gods that lived underwater.

To honor the persistent obsession to find the lost treasures of El Dorado, our Gold Fashioned is an ode to everything gold and gilded.


50ml / 20z LA HECHICERA Reserva Familiar rum,
1 small block of brown sugar and edible gold dust
4 drops of bitters (classic, orange, cocoa or coffee)


In a mixing glass, add gold panela (or either brown sugar + edible gold dust)
50ml of LA HECHICERA rum, 2 drops of bitters. 3 ice cubes and stir.
After a minute or two, add another 2 drops of bitters and 3 ice cubes. Continue to stir.
Serve in classic tumbler, twist an orange zest on top and garnish with a dehydrated orange wheel.


Old fashioned crystal glass


Dehydrated orange peel

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Gold Fashioned
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